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Rupert Grint Pictures

Rupert Pictures
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We're here to share the adorableness that is Rupert Grint.

This is a photos-only community.

  • That means unaltered photos ONLY. ABSOLUTELY NO fanart, icons, colorbars, manips, etc.
  • No hotlinking. If you don't manage the webspace, you should not be linking a photo from that webspace. If you don't understand what that means, Google "hotlinking." If you need webspace of your own, try photobucket.com.
  • NO off-topic posts, advertising of any kind, "just to make this legal" attempts or posts without a photo.
  • Any photo larger than 500 pixels tall or wide must go behind a cut-tag.
  • No more than one photo per post. One photo per post, per poster, per day. We want to be a daily community, not a feast-or-famine archive. Just how "daily" we are depends on contributions from members, so submit photos often -- within the rules, of course!

Entries posted to rupert_pictures are moderated.
Comments to the community will be reviewed also. There should be nothing in comments that isn't family appropriate. Also, disrespect to the other actors in Rupert's movies (yes, this includes Emma Watson) will not be tolerated. Comments will be deleted, threads frozen, and members banned at moderator's discretion.

Anonymous commenting has been disabled. Kids, comments here don't go to Rupert's inbox. Get a clue.

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